Good riddance January 2021

What a perfect time it was to give up my retirement transition year blogging.  After my daily diary entries of 2020 finished on January 1st nothing much has happened. There would have been so little to write about, good job I’m scaling my blogging to once a month.  I can’t even motivate myself to getContinue reading “Good riddance January 2021”

My final blog, my ten take-aways from 2020

366 days of blogging and here it is, my final post.  The end of the year in a life of a 60 years-old man transitioning into retirement.   And what a year it’s been and how different to the one I planned.  Our last day of 2020 was spent enjoying the simple pleasures that Covid hasContinue reading “My final blog, my ten take-aways from 2020”

Christmas Day 2020 is here at last.

By 8.35am we’d opened all our presents.  It takes weeks to buy them, hours to wrap them and minutes to open them. I’ve been a very lucky boy – great pressies from Mrs Jones including some new trainers and a new running cap.  It’s a beautiful bright sunny day and there was more than aContinue reading “Christmas Day 2020 is here at last.”

After this long night, I’m up for the second coming

From bad to worse.  Christmas cancelled, the new tier 4 lockdown, a mutant virus and now more than 40 countries banning Brits I’m desperate for something positive.  Thankfully I’ve found it in today in an unlikely place, today is the winter solstice, our shortest day and longest night.  I’ve always liked the fact that theContinue reading “After this long night, I’m up for the second coming”

Full retirement moves a step closer

Work, as I’ve always known it, will for me come to an end very soon.  I’ve been letting my business whither on the vine, as a friend once described it, for a couple of years now.  And last week I got the call giving notice on my last remaining contract.  It was disappointing news butContinue reading “Full retirement moves a step closer”

Films about ageing

Ageing or aging – it’s something we all do all the time – and yet it’s rarely discussed and not many seem particularly positive about it. Apart from a few of life’s rites of passage such as leaving school, getting married, starting work  it’s often viewed as the inevitable long march towards infirmity and death.Continue reading “Films about ageing”

Five emotional stages of retirement transition

Well there goes another month.  When I started writing this blog I’d worked out that each month amounted to a third of a percent of my remaining likely lifespan. I thought it was important to make the most of every one.  Now after this godawful year of Covid I’m just glad to see off NovemberContinue reading “Five emotional stages of retirement transition”

What to do when there’s nothing to do.

That was the challenge of our first lockdown 2 Sunday. We devote part of most Sundays, when we’re at home, to a family dinner.  Usually the shopping, meal cooking and being with the kids takes up most of the afternoon and early evening. We love it but it takes time, particularly for Mrs Jones, soContinue reading “What to do when there’s nothing to do.”

Lockdown 2, my chance to build some muscle!

I’d vowed not to plan anything for this second lockdown, to just let these 28 days of bleak midwinter pass by slowly until life returned to tier 2 normality. Everyday though I find myself assailed both on and offline with advice on what to do to in these four weeks to keep me focused andContinue reading “Lockdown 2, my chance to build some muscle!”

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