Remembering my A-level results in the summer of ‘78

It’s an A-level exam results day with a difference and how sad is that.   Nearly 40 years later I still remember the summer of ’78 anxiously waiting for my results.  I had offers from three universities to study English Literature, a path I’d chosen for no other reason that I didn’t much fancy getting aContinue reading “Remembering my A-level results in the summer of ‘78”

Complaining to HSBC

Thankfully yesterday’s mysterious email from the gym was nothing to do with Covid.  The abrupt closure was due to an electrical fire in the ladies changing room. The good news is it’s open today though predictably it’s the men who will be inconvenienced. We’ve got to come kitted up and shower at home while theContinue reading “Complaining to HSBC”

I changed my mind! Am back on the gym treadmill.

Having decided yesterday that I wasn’t going to the gym, today I decided I was and I’m glad I did. I now realise that part of my apprehension was a simple fear of the new unknown. I was partly worried about all the new rules and how they’d affect the experience and partly about beingContinue reading “I changed my mind! Am back on the gym treadmill.”

I’m looking for work

For reasons unknown I’m finding myself thinking about getting a job. Yesterday I visited Compton Verney – pictured above – an Art Gallery and Park in rural Warwickshire not far from Stratford-upon-Avon.  It’s definitely worth a visit. I’ve been there loads of times over the years but never before have I thought how good itContinue reading “I’m looking for work”

201 blogs and counting thanks to you and WordPress

This, on the 201st day of this crazy year, is my 201st blog. When I started writing the first one in the departure lounge at Malta’s Valletta airport I doubted whether I’d have the discipline to keep them going. Well so far I’m well over half way through the year and feel confident that I’llContinue reading “201 blogs and counting thanks to you and WordPress”

Time for some manana?

After feeling invigorated on my return from holiday am not sure what to do with myself for these next few weeks. I’ve got a few day-to-day things planned – running, tennis, seeing family, gardening plus there’s some work to do but not a lot. Some of the big projects I set myself earlier in theContinue reading “Time for some manana?”

The search for meaning, Part 3. Pleasure AND purpose

In my ongoing quest for meaning in retirement I found another great online article which really did resonate.  It’s by retirement planning coach Larry Jacobson and describes why fulfilment or meaning is ao important in retirement.  It’s certainly dawning on me that spending the rest of my life simply seeking pleasure will not be enough. Continue reading “The search for meaning, Part 3. Pleasure AND purpose”

The search for meaning, part 2. What nourishes my soul?

My bid to find meaning in retirement gets underway today and I’ve found an interesting article in Psychology Today, here’s an excerpt: “No matter how much you look forward to retirement, you may wake up the morning after your last day at work and feel sadness or anxiety. For decades, your days and weeks were structured. SometimesContinue reading “The search for meaning, part 2. What nourishes my soul?”

It’s time for me to find the meaning of meaning

I’ll be 60 in under a month. Thanks partly to coronavirus that big milestone I was so focused on will pass by with more of a whimper than a bang. No party, no holiday, not even a meal out. Maybe a small family gathering in the garden.  Nothing wrong with that, of course.  I shallContinue reading “It’s time for me to find the meaning of meaning”

May I continue to feel good

Am starting to feel good as May comes to an end.  I’ve got used to the lockdown restrictions just as they are coming to an end.  At the same time I’m looking forward to the resumption of normal life as we head into June. Despite the unprecedented challenges of the last few months I’ve maintainedContinue reading “May I continue to feel good”

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