"Just a perfect day…

… drink sangria in the park and then later when it gets dark, we go home. Just a perfect day, feed animals in the zoo then later a movie, too, and then home.” Had a great day yesterday, wouldn’t go as far as it being a Lou Reed Perfect Day.  There was no sangria, noContinue reading “"Just a perfect day…”

Reconciling our different retirement dates and dreams

My wife dropped the bombshell last night that she was considering putting off her retirement to “somewhere between 60 and 65”. She turns 57 in a couple of weeks’ time and she’d previously talked about 60 as a likely date to, at least, cut back her hours. There’d been nothing hard and fast about that,Continue reading “Reconciling our different retirement dates and dreams”

Will my new committee role feel like work?

Through choice I spent yesterday evening at a committee meeting. I spent much of my working life avoiding them and now that I’m retired I’ve started going to them when I don’t have to.  Judging by the others in the room it’s what retired people do.  In fact, aged 59, I was welcomed as newContinue reading “Will my new committee role feel like work?”

My Billy-No-Mates trip to Sheffield

Last week I took myself off on a day trip to Sheffield on my own.   There I’ve got it off my chest.  I’ve only told a few people about this clandestine weekday activity and now it’s out there.   I did mention it to a retired mate and, to be fair, he was very positive. HeContinue reading “My Billy-No-Mates trip to Sheffield”

I am aiming for peak happiness in 2042

Spoke to my Dad yesterday for the first time in just over a month.  He’s just got back from a month’s cruise of the Caribbean, is already looking forward to his next holiday, and seems pretty pleased with life. He’s 86, in good health and is positive about most things. In many ways I seeContinue reading “I am aiming for peak happiness in 2042”

I’ve got the February retirement routine blues

Woke up feeling decidedly glum this morning.  Despite my avowed love of February, the truth is it’s starting to drag.  For the third day in a row Storm Ciara rages, the weather out there continues to sound windy and wet and from the haven of my centrally-heated bedroom it feels decidedly cold.  I’ve got aContinue reading “I’ve got the February retirement routine blues”

I'm transitioning – my emotional retirement journey

I’ve had a month now to properly muse on my life and what’s happening to me as I approach my 60th year.  It’s big, I’ve decided, it’s very big.  This year as I leave the relative oppression of the world of work and move to the theoretical freedom of retirement, I’m making a massive transition.Continue reading “I'm transitioning – my emotional retirement journey”

I am throwing my life away!

It all started a few weeks back when I went up to the loft to put the Christmas decorations away.  I normally dump it up there as quickly as possible, turn the lights out, put the ladder away, shut the hatch and leave it all there to fester until early December. This year I couldn’tContinue reading “I am throwing my life away!”

Gardening brings me closer to God!

There are certain things you just can’t help starting to like when you’re older which simply confirms the awful truth that you are, in fact, getting older. I occasionally catch myself scanning mailers from Saga that I willfully ignored when they magically started appearing as soon as I turned 55.  I have also noticed thatContinue reading “Gardening brings me closer to God!”

Ban January, the cure for Blue Monday

I quite like Blue Monday.  As a PR man I admire the creative idea, it first appeared in a press release from the holiday company Sky Travel in 2005.  That’s just 15 years ago and now, particularly in the UK, it’s a phenomenon widely discussed in both the traditional and online media. As well asContinue reading “Ban January, the cure for Blue Monday”

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