This part of the website contains my travel-related blogs – see list below – the places I visit as a I work my way through my bucket-list. So far this has been London, Birmingham, Sheffield in the UK and Malta and Morocco. Seeing more of the world and enjoying holidays is a big part of how I want to spend my retirement years. Here’s my travel bucket-list.

A bucket list destination?
Drooling over Ryanair
Raining again, I am off to the Costa del Sol
Friendly Birmingham brightening the January gloom
Frank Skinner restores my faith in live comedy
The wondrous customer service of Apple
I’ve got the February retirement blues
My Billy-No-Mates trip to Sheffield
Reconciling our retirement dates and dreams
I hate to travel but love to arrive
A meal out in one of Gueliz’s greatest restaurants
World’s great restaurant stumbled up after day in the desert
Marrakesh comes alive at night
Virtually naked medina massage ends unhappily
Tapas, tajine and jazz finish our week in Marrakesh
Here endeth mad-March
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