How you see the world changes as you get older. There is so much going on that baffles or annoys. Here in the blog table below I share my worldly-wisdom on the big events of the day!

Drooling over Ryanair
The crisis in masculinity
Like Love Islanders, I just wanna have fun
Crime and my love bus camper van
Proud, angry, sad, excited on Brexit Day
The wondrous customer service of Apple
School  running the gauntlet
No to nudity in new film Emma
I am aiming for peak happiness in 2042
Absorbing the French fashion-style now I’m 60
My work journey from typewriters to smartphones
If it’s a good morning which I doubt
We review everything, restaurants, rivers, people
Breaking Bad and budget binge-watching
Sport Relief lifted the coronavirus gloom
Adding life to our years
What a shining animal is man
Isn’t it about time our elite footballers gave something back?
Panic buying at my local co-op
Today is world Down Syndrome Day
UK lockdown, so many questions, so many emotions
I’ve signed up to be an NHS volunteer responder
In the midst of the virus, life goes on
UK lockdown, week one, how did I fare?
Freedom, the elusive gift never to take for granted
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