1000k in 2020. I did it!

Today I achieved my goal of running 1,000 kms – that’s 621 miles in old money – in a year.  More than from Land’s End to John O’Groats or indeed the other way which, at least, is downhill!  I completed the last 5k this morning just as the snow began to fall.  Mrs Jones actedContinue reading “1000k in 2020. I did it!”

Still on target with my 2020 running challenge

Today I ran my 931st kilometre of 2020.  On January 1st I set myself the challenge of running 1,000k in a year and I’m still on target. That works out at just under 20k a week – usually comprising four 5ks – which feels to me like quite an achievement.  I started the year imaginingContinue reading “Still on target with my 2020 running challenge”

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