Simultaneously “reckless” and “feeble”, who’d want to be PM?

Boris Johnson’s first supposed gaffe as Prime Minister happened with minutes of his appointment, according to the left-wing press. After his visit to the Queen following his election as Tory leader he loudly revealed to Downing Street aides that the Queen had told him: “I don’t know why anyone would want the job”.  Divulging privateContinue reading “Simultaneously “reckless” and “feeble”, who’d want to be PM?”

I’m backing Boris to beat this

In my blog yesterday I asked if we’d reached the lowest point in our coronavirus journey. Today the answer is a resounding ‘no’.  The news that Boris Johnson had been moved to intensive care following a deterioration in his condition came like a hammer blow to me last night. It’s so sad to see thisContinue reading “I’m backing Boris to beat this”

Is this is the lowest point in our coronavirus journey?

One of the great things about writing a diary, so they say, is that at some future point you can look back and realise that things weren’t so bad after all. In my heart of hearts I know this will be the case but there’s a nagging sense of doubt that things may never beContinue reading “Is this is the lowest point in our coronavirus journey?”

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