Great Barrier Reef, Taj Mahal and my eight other rest of the world destinations

Here’s the final 10 places in my #whenthisallover take my mind off coronavirus bucket list.   Europe, the Americas and south-east Asia have dominated the list so far – see the last four blog posts – so I’m devoting my final 10 choices to the rest of the world.  Here goes.. Great Barrier Reef, Australia –Continue reading “Great Barrier Reef, Taj Mahal and my eight other rest of the world destinations”

Go West for North Americas bucket list

Time to turn west – the north Americas.  I’ve already done New York, southern California, Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, parts of Florida and the Caribbean but not yet set foot in the rest of the USA, Canada or Central America  I’m aiming to put that right so here’s the top 10 places I amContinue reading “Go West for North Americas bucket list”

My South-East Asian Travel Bucket List

Day Three of my #whenthisallover travel bucket list and I’m planning a trip to South-East Asia. I’ve only been there a couple of times for just few nights stopover in Bangkok and Singapore on the way to Bali. I’d like to base myself in the region for a few weeks, here’s the top 10 placesContinue reading “My South-East Asian Travel Bucket List”

My European Top 10 bucket list

Would have been flying out today to the Costa del Sol if it weren’t for the coronavirus lockdown.  To be honest being stuck at home with the sun shining and temperatures in the mid-twenties doesn’t feel too much of a hardship. No sign though of us getting our money back from the airline Jet2 orContinue reading “My European Top 10 bucket list”

South American bucket list for when this is all over

Best laid plans and all that … all excited about the new-found freedom of my retirement transition year I spent hours in December 2019 planning what I’d be doing this year. I started off by putting in the dates of big sporting events – Olympics, Euros Football, Wimbledon etc – to make sure my holidaysContinue reading “South American bucket list for when this is all over”

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