#whenthisisallover, let’s cheer our hospitality workers

I’ll be out again clapping for carers at 8pm tonight.  There’s been a great response in our street since the Thursday clap started.  As well as clapping, there’s some cheering, whooping plus the more demonstrative wield pots, pans and other kitchen utensils and there’s even the odd firework to add to the din.  It’s becomeContinue reading “#whenthisisallover, let’s cheer our hospitality workers”

In the midst of the virus, life goes on.

Yesterday morning my Dad rang to break the news that his partner of two years had been diagnosed with “terminal cancer”. She’s not long turned ninety so both she and my Dad have been self-isolating.  She was alone when she was given the news and he was alone when she gave him the news inContinue reading “In the midst of the virus, life goes on.”

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