This virus is killing people …. and joy

In early March when the effects of this virus really took hold I was still convinced we were going to get away at Easter. I knew our holiday to Spain would be cancelled but I thought we’d still be able to sneak off somewhere in our campervan, maybe book an Airbnb, do a bit ofContinue reading “This virus is killing people …. and joy”

Is it wrong to feel sorry for Matt Hancock?

I couldn’t help feeling sorry for our Health Secretary Matt Hancock at yesterday’s coronavirus press conference.   Since Boris fell ill he’s had to put himself in front of the country more than anyone else. As well as the daily briefings, he’s done the majority of media interviews and since this is a health crisis it’sContinue reading “Is it wrong to feel sorry for Matt Hancock?”

The care sector tragedy we could have avoided

I know a bit about the care sector.  Over the years my business has provided marketing services to a number of public, private and charitable organisations looking after vulnerable older people. I’ve got a close friend and a family member who work in care homes and last week I learned of an elderly relative who’dContinue reading “The care sector tragedy we could have avoided”

Lockdown light at the end of the tunnel?

I’d wager we’re about half-way through our UK coronavirus lockdown.  The full restrictions started on March 23rd and pubs and restaurants were closed a few days before that.  Some European countries including Austria, Denmark and even Spain have relaxed their confinement rules. Here, some of the key coronavirus numbers seem to have stabilised and theContinue reading “Lockdown light at the end of the tunnel?”

I’m backing Boris to beat this

In my blog yesterday I asked if we’d reached the lowest point in our coronavirus journey. Today the answer is a resounding ‘no’.  The news that Boris Johnson had been moved to intensive care following a deterioration in his condition came like a hammer blow to me last night. It’s so sad to see thisContinue reading “I’m backing Boris to beat this”

Here endeth mad March

I see month-ends as a good opportunity to review how my retirement transition journey is progressing.  When I started writing this blog I worked out each month represents one-third of one percent of the average remaining lifespan of a 60 year-old in the UK.  I find it motivating – not depressing – to know thatContinue reading “Here endeth mad March”

I’ve signed up to be an NHS Volunteer Responder

I got personally thanked by the Prime Minister yesterday and in the same breath he mentioned my home city, Coventry. I’ve joined the huge army of NHS Volunteer Responders who have signed up to support NHS during the coronavirus pandemic. At the point he did his press conference about 325,000 volunteers – the population ofContinue reading “I’ve signed up to be an NHS Volunteer Responder”

My guilty day in the garden

Almost felt guilty yesterday.  While it seemed like the rest of the world was going to hell in a handcart – how appallingly apt that phrase is, see below – I was having a lovely day in my garden. I spent most of it in the Spring sunshine planting, weeding, edging and carrying out aContinue reading “My guilty day in the garden”

UK lockdown – so many questions, so many emotions

Truly unbelievable, we’re in a police-enforced lockdown and only allowed to leave the house for these reasons: To go to work (if you’re a key worker) To shop for groceries, medicine and other essentials, infrequently To exercise outside (once a day) To provide care or help a vulnerable person For any medical need So manyContinue reading “UK lockdown – so many questions, so many emotions”

My new coronavirus retirement routine

Almost all the things that formed part of my cherished retirement routine have been cancelled because of coronavirus.   No early morning walk to the gym, no 5k on the treadmill nor any of the all-important social interaction with other like-minded semi-retirees round the pool or in the sauna. No activities that used to form partContinue reading “My new coronavirus retirement routine”

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