January’s done, so is a third of a percent of my life

So there goes January, it dragged for the first few weeks then all of a sudden these last few days have flown by. That’s one-twelfth of 2020 and, by my calculation about one-third of one-percent of the rest of my life. If I’m lucky enough to live the average lifespan of someone in the UKContinue reading “January’s done, so is a third of a percent of my life”

Like Love Islanders, I just wanna have fun

That’s a third of Dry January done now.  A big test last night, went for a curry before going out to watch a musical.  I love a couple of glasses of red to wash down the bhuna and then a G & T in the interval.  During the day I started to think whether IContinue reading “Like Love Islanders, I just wanna have fun”

Doing Dry Friday – 10 tips

Tonight’s the night! For many doing Dry January our first Friday night will be the big test.  I found it hard this time last year but I got through it and lasted the whole month.  Dry January was so something I’d thought about doing for a long time but never stuck to it for moreContinue reading “Doing Dry Friday – 10 tips”

New hobbies and goals for 2020

Well here I am in 2020.  My 60th year, sixth decade on planet Earth gets underway.  On way back from long weekend city break which was the usual mix of good and bad, one day I’ll truly find the secret of booking the perfect holiday.  Horrendous 11-hour day of travel for three hour flight, veryContinue reading “New hobbies and goals for 2020”

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