A staggering 122 million Indians are out of work

Amidst all the numbers I’ve seen to do with this awful pandemic there was one I found truly shocking.  122 million Indians have lost their jobs in April alone as a result of the coronavirus lockdown.  That’s nearly twice the entire population of Great Britain out of work in just one month. We spent timeContinue reading “A staggering 122 million Indians are out of work”

Can’t wait to queue at B&Q!

Am trying to suppress my excitement this morning  …  a trip to the DIY store B&Q beckons. When I was a young man starting out in the world of home ownership, I used to hate anything to do with DIY and consequently dreaded going to B&Q. Even before lockdown a trip to B&Q – whichContinue reading “Can’t wait to queue at B&Q!”

Lockdown light at the end of the tunnel?

I’d wager we’re about half-way through our UK coronavirus lockdown.  The full restrictions started on March 23rd and pubs and restaurants were closed a few days before that.  Some European countries including Austria, Denmark and even Spain have relaxed their confinement rules. Here, some of the key coronavirus numbers seem to have stabilised and theContinue reading “Lockdown light at the end of the tunnel?”

“Death is very likely the single best invention of life”

Not wishing to tempt fate but I’ve partially locked down now for over two weeks and pretty well completely for five days which is usually how long it takes for symptoms to show. On Friday, feeling a bit stir-crazy indoors I walked into town, had an unnecessary browse round one of the few shops openContinue reading ““Death is very likely the single best invention of life””

How to survive April now that lockdown is here

That’s the challenge I’ve been facing up to this morning.  My ever-growing semi-retired need to give my life routine and purpose has got me thinking. I’m convinced the lockdown will continue – might even get more severe – throughout all of the 30 days of April.  That combined with the ever more depressing news aboutContinue reading “How to survive April now that lockdown is here”

UK lockdown – so many questions, so many emotions

Truly unbelievable, we’re in a police-enforced lockdown and only allowed to leave the house for these reasons: To go to work (if you’re a key worker) To shop for groceries, medicine and other essentials, infrequently To exercise outside (once a day) To provide care or help a vulnerable person For any medical need So manyContinue reading “UK lockdown – so many questions, so many emotions”

Is Coronavirus sending the world crazy?

Is it just me or is the world going more than a little bit crazy about Coronavirus?   Being 59 and a sufferer with mild asthma I’m on the cusp of the more vulnerable part of the population and I take all the health advice very seriously. But locking down entire countries, closing schools, stopping flightsContinue reading “Is Coronavirus sending the world crazy?”

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