How I felt about Hancock’s teary moment

For a fleeting moment I felt my cynical dry eyes moisten yesterday.  The moment came and went when Matt Hancock, live on Good Morning Breakfast, did a very poor impression of crying at the footage of 81-years-old William Shakespeare receiving his Covid jab. NHS PR man’s dream Shakespeare was vaccinated before the cameras and unlikeContinue reading “How I felt about Hancock’s teary moment”

Let the battle for our summer holidays commence

In the blue corner – for the Tory Government – you have UK health secretary Matt Hancock who has said we can all forget our summer holidays this year. In the red corner – representing British sunburn – is Ryanair, the rest of the travel sector and our previously sworn enemies the EU and theContinue reading “Let the battle for our summer holidays commence”

Is it wrong to feel sorry for Matt Hancock?

I couldn’t help feeling sorry for our Health Secretary Matt Hancock at yesterday’s coronavirus press conference.   Since Boris fell ill he’s had to put himself in front of the country more than anyone else. As well as the daily briefings, he’s done the majority of media interviews and since this is a health crisis it’sContinue reading “Is it wrong to feel sorry for Matt Hancock?”

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