More money off deals for the over-60s

Following on from yesterday’s blog about discounted travel for the over, here are some more money off deals for the over-60s starting with cinema: Odeon – Enjoy discounted weekly Silver Cinema screenings for over-55s on a Wednesday at Odeon Cinema. Tickets are £3 and come with a hot drink and biscuit! Showcase Cinema – If Wednesdays areContinue reading “More money off deals for the over-60s”

Discounted travel offers for the over-60s

Sixty used to be when your pension started if you were a woman, nowadays many of us will have to wait until we’re 67.  It made me wonder whether there’s anything these days you can get cheaper or free when you reach this lifetime landmark. In preparation I thought I’d do a bit of researchContinue reading “Discounted travel offers for the over-60s”

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