Quarantine Day Eleven – time to get a job

I’ve decided I want a job, just a little job, not many hours, nothing too stressful! Over the last few months of being semi-retired I’ve come to this conclusion for a whole bunch of reasons: I need a purpose and I feel I have something to offer.  OK, I’m 60, which I know would putContinue reading “Quarantine Day Eleven – time to get a job”

Quarantine Day Ten – will it be never ending?

Just as we were due to emerge from our own quarantine on Monday, the nation is set to go into a new one of its own, from Monday. Yesterday, our increasingly hapless looking PM, announced a new set of restrictions including: Rule of six – restricting social gatherings both indoors and outdoors by law toContinue reading “Quarantine Day Ten – will it be never ending?”

Quarantine Day Six – nearly half way to freedom

Nearly half-way through my 14 days of house arrest and I’m starting to look to this time next week when I’ll be free again! I’m lucky enough to have a garden and to have Mrs Jones to share my quarantine with which has made it just about bearable.  I am though counting the days untilContinue reading “Quarantine Day Six – nearly half way to freedom”

Quarantine Day Five – turmoil as morning paper not delivered!

Our first weekend in quarantine and the worst has happened! My copy of the Daily Telegraph has not arrived, trouble at t’newsagent. After our bacon rolls were consumed, that was to be the main focus of our morning in bed and what with quarantine we can’t go out and buy one.  It’s the big SaturdayContinue reading “Quarantine Day Five – turmoil as morning paper not delivered!”

Quarantine Day Four without alcohol

I’ve gone over 48 hours now without touching a drop of alcohol.  That followed three weeks of drinking every day. I really should be experiencing some form of cold turkey. More than two of those weeks, of course, I was on holiday so that’s allowed I guess.  My daily drinking over that three week periodContinue reading “Quarantine Day Four without alcohol”

Quarantine Day Three – Rain is locking me in!

Torrential rain, which started yesterday afternoon and didn’t stop, added to my sense of quarantine gloom. Now that the weather is excluding me from the delights of my garden it’s making my virtual house arrest feel like a real one. I know it sounds daft as that all I’m experiencing is the minor imposition ofContinue reading “Quarantine Day Three – Rain is locking me in!”

Quarantine Day Two – Prime Bacon

Day two of quarantine and the 14 days is already feeling like it might be a long haul. I’m trying to tell myself to enjoy it, not make lists, take my time, relax and enjoy the undoubted luxury of being at home with little to do. I’ve decided to fully immerse myself in the AmazonContinue reading “Quarantine Day Two – Prime Bacon”

Quarantine Day One

Our 336 hours of virtual house arrest began with our 6.33am arrival at Portsmouth Ferry Terminal. Although I’d diligently completed our Passenger Locator Forms I was more anxious than usual as we approached the UK border and predictably not all went smoothly. The pdf attachment of the form on my phone would not open –Continue reading “Quarantine Day One”

Quarantine looms over our France holiday

Our long-awaited three weeks holiday to France is due to begin on Saturday. We’ve got a ferry to catch from Portsmouth to San Malo, then campsites booked in the Dordogne and the Med Coast.I’d usually be excited, looking forward to reliving some of our favourite experiences.   Where we camp in the Dordogne feels like it’sContinue reading “Quarantine looms over our France holiday”

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