How I’m dealing with my retirement anxiety

I wrote yesterday that like many across the world I’ve been feeling more anxious during this pandemic lockdown. I had hoped that retirement – and leaving behind the stress of work – would bring with it a new calm, chilled existence. That hasn’t happened and the monotony of these two months of confinement has broughtContinue reading “How I’m dealing with my retirement anxiety”

Reconciling our retirement dates and dreams

My wife dropped the bombshell last night that she was considering putting off her retirement to “somewhere between 60 and 65”. She turns 57 in a couple of weeks’ time and she’d previously talked about 60 as a likely date to, at least, cut back her hours. There’d been nothing hard and fast about that,Continue reading “Reconciling our retirement dates and dreams”

My vital retirement routine

After two long weeks of holiday, yesterday marked the full return to work for many people in the UK. It also marked the return of my semi-retirement routine, something I’ve learned is a crucial part of staying sane when your life is no longer dominated by work.  It took me a listless few months toContinue reading “My vital retirement routine”

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