“If it’s a good morning, which I doubt”

That’s a quote from Eeyore and I know how he feels.  Had another dreadful night’s sleep, went downstairs for a while and then when I finally did drop off woke up way too early at about 4am. I just watched the clock and listened to another night of British wind and rain lash against theContinue reading ““If it’s a good morning, which I doubt””

Magnesium might be helping me sleep better

There’s been a last-minute reprieve for magnesium, I’m sure Holland & Barrett will be delighted to know.  Over the years I’ve occasionally dabbled with supplements and have rarely managed to complete the course.   Inspired by a couple of things I read about it, I bought a month’s worth of capsules early in the New Year.Continue reading “Magnesium might be helping me sleep better”

My wife is stealing my sleep

According to my beloved Fitbit my average sleep last week dipped below the all-important minimum target of six hours.   Meanwhile Mrs Jones seems to be averaging nine or more.  At around 8pm most evenings we’ll settle down to watch something on TV and some 30 minutes later she’s knocking out the Zs.  Measures Targets wcContinue reading “My wife is stealing my sleep”

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