Feeling old and achy after post-lockdown tennis match

Felt every one of my 59 years and 360-odd days when I woke up this morning. After 10 tennis coaching sessions I finally played my first competitive last night for over four months. That meant the resumption of the serving action, something I’ve not done since the lockdown as it was forbidden because it involvesContinue reading “Feeling old and achy after post-lockdown tennis match”

Back on the tennis courts but no ball touching allowed!

Tennis made its long awaited return to my life yesterday. After nearly three months off court I decided to book 10 coaching lessons.  I’m hoping the long lay-off  may help me reshape my game under the careful tutelage of the club coach. I had a long list of issues that needed ironing out including myContinue reading “Back on the tennis courts but no ball touching allowed!”

Serving up longer life through tennis

Played my first game of competitive-ish tennis of the decade last night.  The UK’s windy, wet and icy weather delayed the start of my club’s annual floodlit tennis tournament until the month’s fourth week.  I should be thankful, I guess, that we haven’t got the climate problems in Australia where the season’s first big tennisContinue reading “Serving up longer life through tennis”

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