I hate to travel but love to arrive

Eat out al-fresco last night.   Had dinner and shared a bottle of white wine next to the pool of Radisson Blu’s Carre Eden hotel in Marrakesh’s French Quarter. After what felt like months of non-stop rain back home, I could still just about remember what the sun looked like but was beginning to feel thatContinue reading “I hate to travel but love to arrive”

New hobbies and goals for 2020

Well here I am in 2020.  My 60th year, sixth decade on planet Earth gets underway.  On way back from long weekend city break which was the usual mix of good and bad, one day I’ll truly find the secret of booking the perfect holiday.  Horrendous 11-hour day of travel for three hour flight, veryContinue reading “New hobbies and goals for 2020”

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