Time is all we’ve got, and there’s less of it to go when you’re retired. How you choose to organise that time, the structure and routine you impose on yourself is all important. Read more about the choices I’ve made in the blog table below.

My vital retirement routine
Sunday is still Sunday
Work is good for you, in moderation
Ban January,  the cure for Blue Monday
Today is Turkish barber torture
I am throwing my life away!
January’s done, so is a third of a percent of my life
I’ve got the February retirement blues
I am aiming for peak happiness in 2042
My Billy-No-Mates trip to Sheffield  
What is the point of Equity Release?
Will my new committee role feel like work
Reconciling our retirement dates and dreams
Just a perfect day..
February has seen a leap forward in my retirement goals
Work absence is making my heart grow fonder
Breaking Bad and budget binge-watching
My new coronavirus retirement routine
Here endeth mad-March
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